Florenpepe was established on 9 May 1967 from the Fagnoni family, which for generations imported spices from all over the world. The Florenpepe brand was already in the first large Italian supermarkets. In 1987 was established Drogheria e Alimentari, which brought on the know-how in the sector of spices and the ancient tradition of producing cereals and legumes. Today Drogheria e Alimentari is the Leader company in the Italian GDO regarding the sector of spices and aromatic herbs, and it is present in over 60 countries around the world. In the last decade they have been specializing in the production and packaging of legumes, cereals, seeds and mix preparations, also according with customer’s personalized recipe

Service: Florenpepe provides Technical assistance to its customers, mostly for the development of new products or to satisfy “special packaging” requests. Also, the company guarantees maximum respect of food regula- tions nationally and internationally, and cooperates with the leading Italian universities.

Guarantee of Quality: Florenpepe is well established in the market today with a strong cultural background and experience in the production of cereals and legumes, always following the expectations of consumers, the new trends of market, and maintaining the nutritional features and values of food. For this reasons, Florenpepe line up of products see both the traditional line and the Biological line. Main point of the production is the selection of suppliers and the control of raw materials through a special process that guarantees a high standard of quality and food safety. This allows Florenpepe to have total control on processes and suppliers, in order to ensure the maximum efficiency and traceability of products.