About us

We are Importer and Distributor Italian Food.

Love to Italy is a direct import channel addressed to those companies that represent agri-food excellence 100% “Made in Italy”; a bridge between the Italian producers and the North American market of North Carolina where there is the logistical and commercial centre.

Love To Italy has its origin from the analysis of the needs of two different worlds: on a side the US market that loves Italian food products because considers them as high-quality, good and made with passion and knowledge; on the other side the Italian agri-food world where small and medium-sized companies would like to export and to be known although they do not have the necessary economic strength or the proficiency to satisfy the strict regulatory protocols required by laws and import regulations.

Our aim is to select Italian high quality products and fully assist the manufacturing companies that want to face a new market like US one. Our team of consultants will assist the companies leading them in every necessary step to fulfil customs obligations and the observance of the legislation about food.

We take you by the hand through the discovery of the unique flavors that made Italy the most desirable place for the foodies around the world.


LOVE TO ITALY is the easiest way to travel across the regions of Italy, without taking an airplane.

We are your Italian friends: the best guides, that money can’t buy.
We offer our members the opportunity to discover unique flavors, producers and experiences from Italy.

Our products are carefully crafted by small, family owned businesses and are made using traditional recipes and techniques, which are handed down from one generation to the next. These products contain the highest quality ingredients and materials, have exquisite taste, and are beautifully packaged.


Our goal is guiding and simplifying your compelling journey into the world of Italian food, creating long lasting relationships with our foodmakers and telling you the history behind their products – and making you a part of that story.

Imagine that you step into your local store to buy Italian food, to find that only a few options are available on the shelves.

We noticed a large gap there, a gap that needed to be filled. Ever since that day, we have been living by this commitment. We have long-term relationships with our producers and are continuously looking for the next exceptional product.

We enjoy Italian food and wines, as well as the culture, the art, the traditions and the people that made them.


Our team at LOVE TO ITALY is dedicated and enthusiastic, providing our customers with quality service and the finest imported products. We have established an excellent supply network that brings the finest products to the U.S. in the most competitive way.

We are a mission-driven company that aims at setting the standards of excellence for Italian food and wines.

The quality standards of our products focus on ingredients, freshness, taste, nutritive value, safety and appearance. We represent an extensive range of selected brands.


At the heart of everything we do are our company values.


These are not values that change from time to time, but they are rather the underpinning of our company culture.

Our product line offers a wide variety of products for your culinary needs. We have selected an array of basic pantry products that can help you prepare a truly Italian meal.

We work primarily with family-owned vendors because we have discovered they tend to share the same passion we have for Italian.

We import amazing,authentic Italian food and wines, each one with deep roots in the territory it belongs.