Piadina Loriana

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Deco Industrie founded in 1951, it operates in the packaged food, home care, and personal care sectors. Today it is a well-established company that supplies markets with its own and private labels brands. Deco has over 500 employees and € 160 million in revenue LE 2019. Deco Industrie producers more than 300 million packages of finished products every year to satisfy about 1 million consumers per day. 

Deco Industrie’s mission has always been to identify, develop and supply safe, high quality and competitive products to meet consumer needs, the expectations of modern large-scale retail and private labels while respecting the environment and complying with the law. Deco has been awarded for quality and product performance as well as achieved important system certifications for each product category: ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; BRC Food; IFS; IGP, BIO (Organic), Vegan OK and Gluten free for the Piadina. 

Deco is the biggest manufacturer of Italian Piadina Flatbread with Loriana brand Piadina specialist and one of the biggest biscuits & cookies producers with the Saltari, Pineta and Fornai & Pasticceri brands. Moreover, the company creates Italian seasonal sweets specialties – panettoni, pandori, colombe branded Pineta and Fornai & Pasticceri (100% Italian wheat) – and Italian bread substitutes, such as wraps and crostini.

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