Seventy years ago, in the heart of Bari’s Murgia region, among the hills extending fromTuritoGioia del Colle, Vito Donato Giuliani created this establishment, which today is led by Raffaele Giuliani.The plantation extends for 50 hectares in the region known as “under the canal”, near the Monte Sannace archeological zone.

The favourable climate and geography allow the grapes to reach the right degree of ripening, giving the wines the unique qualities of the territory. The deep red-purple colour which characterizes the Primitivo and Aleatico grapes, is emblematic of this wine-producing area.

The entire wine production cycle is carefully followed with great passion in order to obtain the highest quality wine; from the harvesting done by hand, to the vinification, and in the end, the bottling, overseen by master winemaker, Luca Petrelli, and master agronomist, Vito Donato Giuliani.