DiniCaffè Roasters In Florence Since 1939

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Dinicaffè is a small family-run artisan coffee- roaster in the heart of the historic center of Florence, founded in 1939 by Alberto Dini and now led by Benedetta and Serena Nobili, the third generation of the family.

1929 – Alberto Dini, fresh out of boyhood, begins his career working for a Florentine company specialised in colonial products. He switched from selling sugar and tea to the coffee trade – although it was then little known as a beverage, it was already his great passion. 

1939 – Dinicaffè was founded, with headquar- ters in the historical centre of Florence. At 30 ye- ars of age, Alberto’s goal was to create a “mini company” based on product excellence.
1966 – Florence is hit by a catastrophic flood that destroyed a great part of the city, including the headquarters of Dinicaffè. Alberto does not lose hope: he moves the company’s headquar- ters to his home and commissions coffee roa- sting to a small roaster in Pistoia.
1968 – Alberto turns the old furnace in Via dei Bastioni into his new, current company.
1980 – Elisabetta and Laura, Alberto’s dau- ghters, take charge of the company.
1996 – This was a decisive year for the evolution of the company’s strategy, in which quality ta- kes over as a fundamental point of production. Together with other Italian roasters, Dinicaffè founds Associazione Caffè Speciali Certificati (CSC – Special Certified Coffee Association, in the Italian abbreviation), a consortium created to protect coffee quality and its total traceabili- ty, from plant to cup.
2009 – Dinicaffè’s corporate values have re- mained the same thanks to Serena and Bene- detta, daughters of Elisabetta, whose passion and efforts, equal to those of their grandfather, continue to keep alive the traditions that make high-quality coffee.
The various blends we package, both as beans for coffee bars and ground for domestic use, consist of the best selection of Arabica and Robusta coffee. We are also very careful with our roasting: according to tradition, we prefer to roast on a daily basis, each type of coffee roasted by itself, to enhance their own characteristics and sensory particularities. After roa- sting, we prefer to allow the beans to cool with air rather than with water, another detail that helps maintain their qualities unaltered.
This is what makes our coffee different from other in- dustrial brands.
Our Decaf coffee is processed with just as much care: a 100% Arabica selection from which caffeine is elimi- nated in its origin, without the help of chemical sub- stances, using instead simple steam. This ensures that its organoleptic characteristics are maintained. The result is a decaf coffee that is natural and bur- sting with flavour. 

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