Academy Fourghetti

piatto forghetti

FOURGHETTI is a revolutionary and innovative concept, its first restaurant opened in 2016 in Bologna (Italy), the European capital of Food. After few years being part of the top restaurants in Bologna, Fourghetti’s management decided to take a step further, creating the Fourghetti Academy. This academy was created to bring the “know how” all over the world, teaching people the real meaning behind the Italian cuisine and culture. Fourghetti Academy includes wine tastings, private events, previews on F&B releases, masterclasses regarding food, wine, and cocktails, and finally classes for people in special need.

This project will be dedicated to people coming from any background, from the typical housewife to a professional kitchen chef. Our goal, together with the company Love to Italy, is to partner with an important institution in the US, to found an headquarter in the U.S.A. that will allow us to reach more people and to have a starting point for our classes and academic meetings.

Our goal is to have Lynn University, one of the most important universities in South Florida, as main partner. We believe that together with Lynn University we will be able to educate more people in the hospitality business thanks to our yearly experience in this business.

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