Sex on the Beach Cocktail 5,5% VOI. – 0,75 L – Choose

from Italy by Viticoltori Ponte s.r.l.

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    The love and passion that I spend in the cultivation of the vine gives origin to this wine, nowadays emblem of my company.

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    The most famous cocktails are ready to drink, to taste in purity or to combine with your favorite spirits.

    The secret of Choose is revealed from the first taste, thanks to an unmistakable flavor and a low alcohol content: only 5.5%!

    You can choose it for a light happy hour paired with some finger food, or mix it with a stronger spirit for an after dinnerthat turns into an all-night party!

    Choose is the pre-mixed drink that gives taste to all occasions.



    The deep orange colour conjures up summer, sunsets over the ocean and fun nights spent by the poolside with friends.


    This cocktail is the perfect mix of peach and orange, with an aroma that reveals a sweet note that comes from the peach and a citrusy one too, from the orange.


    So simple but never boring. A Sex on the Beach cocktail should be served with ice and a si ice of orange, so the flavour is sweet but well-balanced, and the most sophisticated mixologists suggest pouring (without mixing) a little cranberry juice in before serving, for a truly unique colour and a sour aftertaste.


    A typical summer’s evening aperitif, it is usually served on its own, but can be accompanied by finger food, little fancy appetizer spoons, mini crostini with tornato and feta or fresh salads served in individuai glasses. AII strictly casual.

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