La Foja d’Or Riserva – Italian Wine Botticino DOC -Franzoni

from Italy by Azienda vinicola Emilio Franzoni

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    The love and passion that I spend in the cultivation of the vine gives origin to this wine, nowadays emblem of my company.

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    This is a notable wine that is warm, full-bodied and structured with an intense ruby-red color. Its particular production process during both the drying and shrivelling of the grapes and its ageing lends the wine an important and complex bouquet with hints of vanilla, tobacco and licorice, while maintaining balance and a proper tannin level.
    It is produced in a hilly area on the slopes of the Lombard Prealps, protected from northern winds and where a favorable microclimate develops.
    The grapes are produced in historic vineyards of the Franzoni estate, with an average age of between 40-50 years old, at an altitude between 400-700 meters above sea level and with a production never exceeding 70 quintals per hectare.
    A late grape harvest is carried out strictly by hand, with a selection of the best grape bunches. In addition, the winery utilizes their own historic drying and shrivelling technique for about 90% of the grapes used for this wine, extending the process for over two months.
    The soil is very similar to that found in the production area of the great Piedmontese wines, and is made up of a particular composition called “marl,” which lends unique characteristics to this wine.
    These characteristics are also aided by the land’s south-eastern solar orientation, which allows for excellent sun exposure over the course of the year.

    The ageing process is carried out for at least four years in Slavonian oak casks with a capacity of 15 hectoliters, and afterwards the wine is refined for over four months in bottles before being put on the market. Production is strictly limited to no more than 15,000 bottles and only in the best vintages.
    It has an alcohol content of 15,5% and is suitable for all kinds of red meat, game and any aged or flavorful cheese. It is advised to serve this wine in a large, tulip-shaped glass at a temperature between 19-21 degrees Celsius, making sure to have uncorked the bottle at least three hours before its consumption. It is also advised to use a decanter in order to exalt its tastes and aromas.

    The blend is made up of four species of grape:
    Barbera 45%: an important grape appropriate for ageing, characterized by good acidity and large structure, it lends the wine body and a distinct personality
    Marzemino 30%: a grape of noble Friulian origins, important in the production of bright, vivid and persistent colors
    Sangiovese 15%: very widespread in Italy, of Tuscan origins, this grape lends the wine refined and delicate aromas with notable personality
    Schiava Gentile 10%: An historic grape native to the area, extremely important for balance, smoothness and freshness in the wine

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