The family, of veronese origins, moved to the area of Lugana di Sirmione in 1963. Here, grandfather Francesco and grandmother Elena founded Sgreva Farm.

Over the years, they develop the wine-growing and producing activity, favoured by the climate of Pensiola of Sirmione and clay soil typical of Garda Lake. Today the Farm owner are nephew Giacomo and Vanessa with the help of mother Francesca share the love for land and the proud of the mature bunches of Turbiana, Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese, Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc.With the 12 hectar vineyards, they believe that the good wine and the quality first is originated in the vineyard.

Speaking of vinification, the wines produced are: (as white wine) Lugana DOC “Sirmio”, Lugana DOC “Eufrasia”, “Desiderio” Spumante Brut, sparkling wine “Perlage”; (as rosè and red wine) Riviera del Garda Bresciano DOC Chiaretto “Rosabèl”, red wine Etereo. Sgreva farm is in line with the latest oenological innovations but with the absolute respect for quality and the tradition. The Family has the same respect for the winery management and customer care.

The main passage:
1.    good quality-price
2.    stability of the products in the years of ageing
3.    typical of wines that express the vines tied to territoriality
4.    quality of the plugs used for sealing bottles