We’re in Ome, in the Brescia province, place where you can find these fields. A place with a magic atmosphere, mounted into the Franciacorta’s morainic hills, full of vineyards.

In 1978 Luigi Mensi buys almost seventy hectares in the extreme North-East foothill zone in Franciacorta, to achieve a dream he’s always been having: the one to go back to live his ground, his products and the agriculture.

Luigi, who was coming from a farmer’s family, wanted to live back the experiences that characterized his childhood. Coming from Brescian Ospitaletto he used to frequent this places when he was young.

With my great grandfather – says Paolo Mensi, who continues the inheritance by directing Le Due Querce (The Two Oaks) – we went with the horse barrow to buy the grapes to produce the wine that they liked. This experience left my dad with a passion born thanks to the fully-emotional memories. That’s why, as I could, I decided to invest in that specific fields and vineyards – in Brione and Ome – where he had his childhood memories related to wine.

At the end of the 70s Luigi buys a few fields with 3 hectares of vineyard and one olive grove to produce the wine destined to his family and friends. The first years pass by, reconverting some hectares into a vineyard  (nowadays they are, in fact, 12 hectares planted), and creating the first wine cellar in 1986.

The turning point came at the end of the 90s. It was in fact in these years, that Paolo and his dad decided that their wine could be sold as well. The first day of April 2001 (with a certain irony for sure), “Le Due Querce” company was born. In 2002 the first year of Spumante Due Querce got bottled. In 2005 Luigi prematurely dies and his son Paolo wants to dedicate him (as founder) the name of the wines Franciacorta.
“A strong emotion – remembers Paolo, with his authenticity that characterizes his products as well – for our entire family: our wine, my father’s dream being realized.”