Borgo Sant’Andrea is not just a historic village and a beautiful vineyard, it is the dream and the passion of a family that wants to bring it back to the ancient glory it deserves. Different skills and experiences, enthusiasm, a vision… to discover this little treasure so unique and unexpected, make you move and fall in love as it happened to us when we decided to take over the farm. We are young, dynamic, motivated; you can find the result of our work and passionate experience of our winemaker in every sip of wine



Surprise yourself and let yourself be excited
Borgo Sant’Andrea is placed gently on the southern slope of the last circle of hills of the morainic amphitheater of Friuli, one of the most evocative natural and cultural landscapes of the region. These hills are formed by deposits that originated during the last glaciation, a fertile soil rich in water, dotted with small woods, flora and wildlife. A landscape and a context that captivate for their beauty and surprise for the unexpected similarity with the most renowned Italian and French wine areas, but with absolutely peculiar and unrepeatable characteristics of the land. The whole plot is surrounded by small local roads, away from heavy traffic, industries, crops and intensive farming. Silence and peace reign supreme.


The Vineyard and its uniqueness
The geopedological and morphological heritage typical of glacial and lake origin, the medium clayey soil, the ideal location facing south exposed to the cool breezes of the Adriatic sea and protected from the cold north winds, an altitude of the vineyards between 150 and 230 m above sea level, the wide temperature range and the delay in fruit ripening: these are the factors that guarantee the vineyards of Borgo Sant’Andrea a variety of microclimates and microhabitats unique and unreproducible, which is expressed in wines with distinctive personality and character, aromatic, savory and elegantly scented… natural and genuine expression of peculiar and ancient wine-growing vocation of the territory.


A fascinating place, rich in history, legend and emotionsThe written history of these lands and this village dates back to 11 June 983. Brazzacco included two castles in a single perimeter, upper and lower. In Borgo Sant’Andrea, of the ancient lower castle, survive today the tower, a stretch of the ancient walls and the homonymous little church with frescoes dating back to the XIV and XV centuries with the adjoining old priest’s house, also datable around the year 1000. There are also some ancient cottages and barns, which today house the Sant’Andrea tavern and the Cellar.


Respect for the environment and modern viticulture
In our vineyard we don’t use chemical herbicides. In the face of the greater easy of use, effectiveness and lower costs we prefer awareness of the problems associated with the non-rational use of herbicides and their impact on the ecosystem. Our goal is to ensure and improve the natural resistance of the grapewines safeguarding the environment; we use biological activactors origin and we use only mechanical weeding techniques. Thus we guarantee the highest quality to wine preserving soil from the danger of erosion, compaction, loss of organic matter and biodiversity. In alternate years we sow several herbaceous species that are then buried the following season, for this it is possible see hares, foxes and numerous insects useful for pollination.

Borgo Sant’Andrea