Industry leader in the production of natural tartaric products.

More than 50 years ago Giovanni Randi, an entrepreneur always looking for new opportunities, established what would become Giovanni Randi SpA, focusing on the production of Tartaric Acid and Cream of Tartar. Thanks to the care given to the production techniques and to the attention given to the clients, the company grew rapidly and in a few years affirmed its world leadership in the industry of tartaric products.

With his 4 sons joining the company, the push to innovate and continuously improve increased. The product lineup was expanded and the international push of the Randi Group strengthened.

Today the company continues the path laid down by its founder, together with the joining of the third generation of the family.

Randi Group only processes natural byproducts of the wine industry, with the greatest respect for the natural characteristics of its raw materials.

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UVOILA’ Grapeseed Oil 16.9 Fl OZ – 500 ml – Villapana Spa