Monterosola is one of Tuscany’s finest contemporary wineries producing exceptional and award-winning wines that embody the magnificent character of the Volterra region. Resting on a hillside overlooking the medieval city of Volterra, the Monterosola estate combines the very best traditional winemaking techniques with state-of-the art technology.

Just 50km from the respected coastal region of Bolgheri and 30km from the world-famous hills of Chianti, Monterosola sits perfectly in the middle of two of the best wine growing locations in the world. With approximately 25 hectares of vineyards producing both white and red wines, the estate also has olive groves, woodlands, valleys and pastures.

The Monterosola estate has been producing excellent wines since 1993 yet, a new and exciting era began in 2013 when the land was purchased by the Thomaeus family who recognised the true potential of its unique location and the character of the terroir. In 2015 the Thomaeus family embarked on an impressive construction project, to design and build a grand-scale cantina and visitor centre with purpose-built facilities for wine tastings and events.

The construction was completed in the spring of 2019 when Monterosola opened its cellars to visitors from around the world. It is fair to say that Monterosola has successfully placed the Volterra region on the wine-map of Italy.

Stretching across the rolling hillsides to the east of Volterra lies Monte- rosola. Here, the ancient farmland has produced grapes, olives and grains for many generations, providing the residents of Monterosola with wine, oil and wheat for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

The original stone-built property on the estate dates back to1480 when it was constructed as a watch tower or outpost between the important seats of Pignano and Montevoltraio. The original tower then gradually evolved into a farmhouse known as La Rosola (a local name for poppies).

In 1999 the property and its land were bought by a German family who undertook a major renovation project, restoring La Rosola’s farmhouse whilst also bringing the surrounding land back to life. Between 1999 and 2013 La Rosola started to produce wine and enlisted the help of viticul- turalist Stefano Dini and agronomist Michele Senesi who, working together, continued to plant and nurture the vines. As the vineyards and olive groves became more established the name Monterosola was introduced, bringing together La Rosola and its land as one cohesive country estate.

In 2013 the estate was purchased by the Thomaeus family from Sweden who bought the farm and its accompanying land. At this point, the deci- sion was made to transfer the farming practices to organic methods. Since 2013 the Thomaeus family and their dedicated team have worked to syste- matically create the very best wine growing conditions and have planted acre after acre of organic vineyard.

Most impressively, at the centre of the newly established estate is a sta- te-of-the-art cantina, which sits pride of place atop a hillside with far- reaching views to Volterra and beyond.

The five story Cantina was constructed to bring together the very best systems to produce high-quality organic wines. This magnificent pro- perty offers the optimum facilities for modern, artisanal winemaking. With dedicated tasting rooms and event spaces, the Cantina is an impres- sive property which combines authentic winemaking traditions with more contemporary, sustainable practices.

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