The brand sicily excellences, property of the firm only sicilian food, is the brainchild of companies which in more than two decades of certified activity in the food industry has had as its prime aim the betterment of sicilian food and later the marketing of the best specialities of the island.

the main strength of sicilian food lies in its ability to examine in detail every ingredient before it is used to produce food, identify the area it comes from, as well  as  its processing and the selection of the finished product. the firm checks also its quality and the respect of national and international standard production chains so as to commercialize only the very best.

our first product is salt, the prime element in man’s food chain. the saltworks our salt comes from cover an area of 800 hectars; it is here we select the best natural sea salt.

salt has various uses not just as food and for the health of our body, but also for our general well being. only sicilian food deals also in : salt for industrial use, for purification plants, for thawing the ice on roads in winter.

The Products of Sicily Excellents

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Sicilian Sea Salt – Coarse – 2.2 LB – Only Sicilian Food


Sicilian Sea Salt – Fine Crystal – 2.2 LB – Only Sicilian Food