Poderi del Doge was founded in 2014 by over 680 members of an important and historic wine-making company based in the provinces of Padua and Venice: Cantina Colli Euganei, founded in 1949.

Poderi del Doge recalls in its name the centuries-long tradition of winemaking in the area between Padua and Venice, which was a fertile hinterland belonging to the Serenissima (Republic of Venice) from as early as 1400.

Today’s vine-covered areas, regulated under the DOCG Veneto and DOC Veneto guidelines, are the same areas that produced the wine appreciated in the most important Italian courts over the centuries; that wine was produced and sold by the noble Venetian families, who settled in this plain area crossed by the big rivers with their impressive summer villas, in the Padana Plain.

Today’s technology and research support the farmers’ experience, guaranteeing the production of healthy and intact grapes, which is an essential feature of a quality wine.

To support the careful work carried out in the vineyard, our wines are certified BRC – IFS – BIO

A part of the 850 hectares are grown with the typical vine varieties, such as the Moscato fior d’Arancio, the local clones of Prosecco and the classical international vine varieties; more than 400 ha. are located in the hills and 150 ha. are grown following the organic farming. The overall produce is around 130,000 hundreds of Kgs of grapes, that Poderi del Doge makes into wine and market under three dedicated lines.