Perego & Perego’s vineyard covers an area of 12 hectares, all located in the town of Rovescala (Pv) Italy.

The vineyards enjoy an optimal terroir and their management takes place in accordance with tradition and the environment. Constantly pruning, balanced vegetative growth, bunching of bunches, soil management without the use of chemicals and careful manual harvesting, with the respect of the organic regulations, contribute to the maximum yield of the crop.

The most popular grape variety is Croatina in its native varieties, called Bonarda.

Tradition and innovation are the combination that characterizes business philosophy and determines all stages of production.

Respect for the tradition is the dictat that is applied in the choice of plots with its agronomic practices, in the rediscovery of indigenous vines now lost and in the use of indigenous yeasts. The end products are strongly linked to the local tradition against the globalization of flavors.

Innovation stems from the use of the most modern enological equipment to achieve the highest quality standards and the use of innovative microorganisms and microorganisms in vineyards that protect and make the root plant more active. Part of the production is dedicated to the research of high-quality innovative products, the new line of wines with no sulfites added from here with sulfur dioxide <0.0010 g / l