Venice, the native land:
P31 was born in the Republic of Venice, ancient land of trade with Asia and Africa, where herbs and spices and fruits came from, through the merchants’ journeys by land and sea. 31 are the ingredients making P31 so tasty and extraordinary.

From ancient tradition:
The P31 recipe collects different experiences from the ancient tradition of blending herbs and natural ingredients for liqueurs since generations. P31 combines traditional flavors, ancient expertise and modern freshness.

The golden lion of Venice:
The lion is the symbol of Venice and of St. Mark the Evangelist, the city’s guardian. The colour gold represents majesty and pride and it’s ever-present in the city’s decorations and tapestries.

P for Polo, P for Pedrocchi:
Pedrocchi is located in Padua within the ancient Republic of Venice land and is known for its green room, green tapestries, and its long tradition of green creamed coffee. It is in this very traditional and green environment that P31 came to life.

The product:
P31 is a drink apéritif, produced by the infusion of selected botanical herbs and bitters. It is innovative, light, natural and refreshing, with low alcohol. P31 has a Renaissance shaped bottle and an elegantly embossed label that describes the ingredients and recipe to make P31 green spritz.

The target:
P31 is for a contemporary audience of playful explorers and fashion trendsetters, looking for distinction and uniqueness in a social environment.

Chemical features:
Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Sugar, Aroma P31. Alcoholic grading: 11%

Appearance: bright green colour
Flavor: typical hints of herbs and extracts within the essence.
Aroma: unique aroma with herbal shades and bitter notes such as absinthe and gentian.
Taste: incomparable taste of herbal infusion and essences, harmoniously balanced between natural ingredients, from the bitter flavors of rhubarb to china sensations.

Main ingredients:
P31 is obtained following a strict procedure. In the first stage ingredients are all infused in alcohol at the temperature of 30-40 degrees for 5 weeks. Then the extraction of the basic concentrate aroma is done to obtain the final essence of P31 which is finally mixed with alcohol, sugar and water.

The positioning:
P31 is the perfect alternative to the traditional spritz, also born in Venice and known all over the world for its orange or red colour.
“Are you spritz or green spritz?”

P31 Green Sprits Video