Masserie Sarde is a company based in northern region of Sardinia, Italy, whose purpose is the commitment to the production and enhancement of typical Sardinian artisan products.
Our products of excellence are the Carasau bread (also known as “music paper”) and Guttiau bread, both simple and genuine products of typical Sardinian bread making, whose only ingredients are durum wheat semolina, water, salt and yeast, with no preservatives added.
The product, which fully responds to the development of the health-conscious dietary needs of the modern consumer, is similar to a very thin cracker; it can be consumed during meals and it is perfect with aperitifs, brunches, or even as a simple snack.
Until a few years ago our products were mainly marketed in Sardinia, but the numerous requests led us to look out over the national and foreign market, which we have been proudly serving for about ten years; a market that we are able to satisfy on a weekly basis providing an always fresh and high quality product with a shelf-life of 12 months.

We are also able to produce for the private label; in fact, we produce Carasau and Guttiau bread for:
– The National Brand Il Viaggiator Goloso of Unes and Finiper supermarket group. Sales keep growing: in 2019 about 320,000 packs were sold.
– The Tesori delle Regioni brand, of the PAM supermarket group, with 250,000 packs sold in 2019.

We regularly exhibit in the most important Italian fairs: Marca in Bologna, Cibus in Parma, TuttoFood in Milan.
In collaboration with our customers we study packaging needs, promotional plans and initiatives aimed at encouraging purchase and making the product known.