“When I was little I watched my grandparents. They came from the country and they were good at cultivating the land, taking care of the grain, making good bread and good pasta: they had good hands! …raising cows, producing good milk, good cheese: they had golden hands! They were good at tending their vegetable garden, at cultivating lettuce, tomato… that was gold too! Now that I’m an adult, I only have strong memories of that genuine world which demanded so much effort. And when I look back with nostalgia to those skilled hands and how the earth and man were one, I realize that the uniqueness of those flavors is indelibly imprinted on my mind…
…in honor of those who have dedicated their lives to hard work”

We are strongly convinced that business world has to be integrated with the world of values.
For this reason, we choose products and suppliers in line with our principles:
• to honour people who has created highest quality products with the use of their hands and skills

• to respect the artisan hard work, made of sacrifices and devotion

• to protect the cultural identities and the traditions of our region

• to sustain a low environmental impact

The Products of Mano D'Oro

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Artichoke and Garlic Cream 6.35oz – Mano d’Oro