“Goccia Umbra is an italian family-run-busniess company, located in Umbria (Castel Giorgio), neastled in the hills of Orvieto. Here our company  has been producing and selling high-quality food products since 1988, especially Extra Virgin Olive Oil (First Cold Pressed). We also have a special technique to flavour  the olive oil with our homemade recipe and a lot of other speciality food. We combinetraditional Italian cusine with the new innovative methods and our mission is to offer the best possible quality:

. quality in the production of superior category extra virgin olive oil, obtained directly from fresh olives and by mechanical process only;

. quality in the study and research of Umbrian and Italian gastronomic traditions, with the most representative products (EVO oil, Balsamic vinegar, Truffled specilaties, Pecorino cheeses, sauces, acacia’s Honey)

. quality in packaging, unique and with maximun customization.

so our production is made entirely from fresh products 100% homemade in Italy. We have numerous options for product size and packaging and we are able to customize the products with private labels too. Thanks to this philosophy, Goccia Umbra started to export its excellent products abroad, with great success, bringing the true tastes and flavours of the Italian Cuisine into the world.”