The Domina Venti Vodka project was born in Trieste in August 2020, landed on the market in September 2021 and has a very precise aim: 

To affix the missing piece to the precious array of Italian food and wine excellence by celebrating Art in all its forms. From music to painting, from dance to skateboarding. 

Domina Venti vodka is, by its very nature, a Super Premium product with an entirely Italian production chain.

The grain alcohol doubly distilled with discontinuous stills, the purest water from the Karst springs in Trieste and the bottle entirely varnished and screen-printed with the graphics of Miron, a renowned Italian illustrator, make Domina Venti a 100% Made in Italy work of art. Enchanting both to be tasted plain and to embellish mixology. Once consumed, the bottle becomes an attractive furnishing and design object for one’s home or office environment.

The whole Domina Venti project is the result of a meticulous study of the market and was created with the aim of exporting Italian quality all over the world while keeping solid roots in the territory, from packaging to product.

The name Domina Venti represents the literal Latin translation of Lady of the Wind, represented by our symbol, the eagle, which is also the symbol of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, where this vodka was born. 

Even though maintaining absolute neutrality both in taste and smell, Domina Venti is particularly crisp and smooth to the palate and this is due to an imperceptible note, deliberately inserted, of elder flowers, which grow luxuriantly in the Karst of Trieste, in order to give the product a distinctive sign that brings it back to its homeland. 

The aggressive but elegant image makes Domina Venti perfect to be proposed in a high-end restaurant, in a sophisticated cocktail bar and especially in a night club, where the Red Eagle shines with LED and NEON lights on the Privè tables as well as behind the luminescent counters.

Hoping that this will be to your liking and that fruitful collaborations can be born from this, I send cordial greetings.

Ludovico Pastor