“DANILE” is the history of a family scenting of freshly baked almond and pistachios pastries. The name also evokes Jasmine, the fragrant plant during flowering. Every morning Giuseppe, his wife and their sons, produce “sweetness”. At that very moment, almonds and pistachios produced in Sicily are selected, roughly crumbled in a crusher and added together with sugar, egg white, orange peel and other secret and natural ingredients. Skilful hands knead the dough and let it rise for a certain time. This process originates “pastry” (a special sweet mixture, which is hand-shaped one by one). A journey of the palate starts at last! Crispness and softness of almond and pistachios pastries give off mild and sweet scent of dried fruit; icing sugar enhances the taste, thus making it more exquisite. Moreover, the presence of Mediterranean citrus sublimates these small gems of Sicilian deliciousness.

Best Sicilian almonds and pistachios are selected, coarsely chopped and mixed with sugar, egg white, orange peel and other natural ingredients. They are also…secret! Expert hands knead this amalgam, that is left to stand one proceeds to shape the doughs one by one. Then, put in the oven, leisurely cooked and packaged. Not before a sprinkling of icing sugar, of course!

Sicilian pistachios and almonds are amalgamated and are combined and produced with temper and wisdom. Step by step, they get mellowness and a new flavour during the artisan production process. Danile’s almond and pistachio paste biscuits are considered an after-dinner and side dish ritual. Pistachios, with their bright emerald green color and a resinous intense aroma, are high-quality nuts.Bitter Almonds with scent of marzipan and sweet almonds with fragrance of milk, herb and caramel are both “Queen” of an immersive taste. Here are the main players of a sweet family story.