The Arvisionadu Winery was founded with the main objective of revitalizing this historic, indigenous Arvisionadu white berry variety, one of the rarest and oldest of Sardinian wines and, until a few years ago, almost to the point of extinction. The vineyard itself, transplanted in various stages since 2006, and nurtured using support backing and “guyot” pruning, has a plant density of 4,500 stems per hectare. It is fertilized in autumn with composted organic fertilizers. After blossoming , the excess shoots are removed and before the color changes the bunches are thinned. Grapes are harvested manually when the bunches reach perfect maturity: their scrupulous selection and low production per stem guarantee the superior quality of the grapes that are pressed softly to extract only the flower must with the most typical and characteristic scents of Sardinia.
Aging of barrique and flor vinification are being tested. Luigi Veronelli, celebrating at Benetutti 50 years ago with Arvisionadu, remains enchanted by it. A real oenological pearl for versatility and organoleptic characteristics