Calonga was born in 1977 thanks to Maurizio Bavarelli’s decision to dedicate himself to his main passion, winemaking.

The Baravelli’s have always had a strong tie to the land, farming has been in the family for 6 generations. In the yard you can find the old tools that were used to press the grapes and to take care of the wine. That same care and attention exists today in the way we run our winery, involving the whole family, from Maurizio to his sons, Lorenzo, Matteo and Francesco.

We value our region’s winemaking tradition, the local grape qualities like Sangiovese, Albana, Bombino Bianco (Pagadebit) and preserving the oldest vines we have. These are the values on which we base our practices at Calonga.

At Calonga we respect the natural time it takes the vine to refine to its best self, we respect the people that work the land and the plants, the winemaker and the terroir. These are the responsibilities we need to take in order to have something of value to leave to the next generations.