Borgo Veritas is a young company, even though the hands that work in it carry the wisdom of a long tradition in viticulture. Young in the most genuine and positive meaning of the word: “we like what we are doing and this is the reason why we are here, and it’s the fruit of many years of working. We haven’t yet arrived: for us, every achievement is just a new beginning!” says Leonardo Mascherin, the founder.

Leonardo is descendant of a long line of farmers. Throughout five generations of cultivating the same property, they understand the most efficient, best way to cultivate their land. Farming mostly wine grapes, they have always sustained a unique balance of dedication to and preservation of the land. Moreover, savvy business instincts have encouraged Leonardo to estabilish the winery Borgo Veritas in 2016 in Italy, in the municipality of Brugnera, part of that area known as Friuli Grave.

“Which wines best represent Borgo Veritas’ identity?” “The wines that most embody our identity are sparkling wines, especially our Ribolla, 100% ribolla gialla grapes from our land. Drinking a glass of this sparkling is like drinking a glass of our land”.


Borgo Veritas is a young winemaking business that has a well-established, five-generation strong experience and the result of an intimate combination of environment and landscape, a work of both nature and man. This is what Borgo Veritas is: a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

“Respecting our vineyard and the environment of which it is a component is crucial for achieving that masterpiece of equilibrium, producing a wine, that is, that displays the personality of its terroir and that of those who make it” says Leonardo Mascherin.


In the sweet plains of Friuli Grave, situated 50 Km from Venice and half-way between the Dolomites and the Adriatic Sea, lies the fertile estate of Borgo Veritas. The natural protection of the Prealps at the Northeast and the gentle cooling breezes from the Adriatic sea, combine with long days of bright sunshine ensure a mild climate, with an average temperature during the year of 15° C, which allow to enhance complexity, richness of grape and wine freshness.