We are a family Italian winecompany, located in the center of the DOC Friuli Colli Orientali area. This DOC area is situated in east part of Friuli Region, closier the border with Slovenia, about one hour by car north-east of Venice. It’s a hilly area, caracterized by varied soils like marl, sandstone, clay, and gravel. We are influenced by warm an salty winds from the sea and cold winds from the mountains, this because our little city, called Cividale del Friuli, that is a medieval, Longobard and Roman city, is situated about one hour by car beetween the Adriatic sea and the Alps. All these caracteristics influence our quality wines, they improve the acidity and salinity of our white wines, and the thermal shock in the days of harvest helps the fragrance of our reds.

The origins of our wine date back to the beginning of the 900s. Initially our family sharecropped a land but in
the 1952 purchased a tiny piece of land and began cultivating its own plot.
In 1979 our father Giovanni Battista, known to everyone as “Titta”, detached himself from his two brothers and took, with only 2 hectares of vineyards, his own path. Today, with the same passion of our father, we and our sons continue on his way, leading about 60 hectares of vineyards owned by our family and producing authentic and genuine wines. With devotion, we follow and carry out directly all the works in the vineyard and in the winery awarded that a great wine is made from a great grapes only, looked after day by day.
Ours is a medium-sized family business for our area, we are not very well known nationally and internationally because as a business choice we have never agreed to be present on industry guides untill now and we have known and cultivated our clientele directly, with no agents or representatives in any area: we grew up with word of mouth shortly, surely slow but steady growth and satisfying in our opinion if you maintain a fair compromise between quality and price and a honest relationship with the customers, both strengths of our work philosophy.
For the last six years we have started to participate in trade fairs such as Vinitaly and ProWein, and many winetasting days around Europe and in many Countries of the World, a deliberate choice taken by us young people, the third generation of the family, to gradually increase our production and expand the market in “new” areas, with satisfactory results (we are present now in Canada, Australia, USA and many European Countries).
Our production is about 60% white and 40% red wines, we produce international wines and native wines from Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. At the moment our production is about 130.000 bott/Year but the potential production is about 700.00 bott/Year.
Why to choose our wines? Because in them You can feel the tipical nicety and freshness of the Friuli’s white wines, and the simplicity and softness of our young and aged reds!