Piconi is renowned as an agricultural company established in 1968 and mostly known for carrying on familiar traditions. Since many years our company is involved in the cereal manufacturing process, which includes operations like cleaning, selecting and packaging, being possible thanks to the use of ultra-modern processing equipment (separation, optical selection, ATM packaging).

Since 1997 our company has managed around 170 hectars of certificated organic fields.

Here below are listed the main activities carried out:

  • Cultivation of cereals, legumes and saffron;
  • Raw materials processing (including product cleaning, selecting and sanitizing processes) (hourly production 2 Tons/hour);
  • Packaging of cereals and legumes;
  • Partnerships with mass retailers and specialized retailers;
  • Trading with large and specialized retailers;
  • Private labels (English labels with graphics directly given by the customer).

All our products and procedures are organic-certified by ICEA. CODE IT BIO 006 LN65.


  1. Traceability of production
  2. Organic methods
  3. High-quality and safe food production